New paper from Monica Li et al.

After years of dedicated work, Monica Li (with support from her co-authors) has published a terrific new paper in the Journal of Memory & Language:

Li, M.Y.C., Braze, D., Kukona, A., Johns, C.L., Tabor, W., Van Dyke, J. A., Mencl, W.E., Shankweiler, D.P., Pugh, K.R., & Magnuson, J.S. (2019). Individual differences in subphonemic sensitivity and phonological skills. Journal of Memory & Language, 107, 195-215. (links at publications page)

In addition to an epic set of experiments and individual differences measures (and implications for whether phonological processing is unusually precise or imprecise in individuals with lower reading ability), Monica provides a direct comparison between growth curve analysis (GCA) and generalized additive models (GAMs).

Congrats, Monica!

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