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jTRACE is a reimplementation of the TRACE model with a user-friendly interface and new tools (batch processing, scripting, graphing and visualization)

Do X in Y

This is a repository of lab notes, where X might be “batch adjust F0 in speech files” and Y might be “Praat”, or X in Y = “create a hash table” in “R”. The idea is to have a quick place to put our notes about common or uncommon tasks so that we stop reinventing various wheels.

Methods reports

These reports represent our lab’s effort to promote methods recycling. These reports are freely available to people from outside our lab with the warning that we make no promises to provide technical support, although we will try to answer questions.

Note that a lot of the programming (reports 2003.01 to 2003.06 ) was done by Jim Magnuson, who simply doesn’t know how to program. These all seem to work well enough for us, but they have not yet been subjected to extensive testing, some parts may not work with future revisions of E-Prime, etc.: we’re motivated to make these work, but cannot guarantee their quality or continued upgrading and support. That said, please feel to use these, improve them, or put them to new uses. We’d be thrilled to hear comments or suggestions, or, especially, to see improvements or new uses.

Reports Title Author Link Size Release Update
2003.01 Playing sound from E-Prime InLine Scripts J. Magnuson 335k 4.22.03 4.22.03
2003.02 Specifying stimulus paths in E-Prime J. Magnuson 87k 4.22.03 4.22.03
2003.03 Constraining and controlling mouse input from E-Prime InLine Scripts J. Magnuson 105k 4.22.03 4.22.03
2003.04 Integrating an eye tracker with E-Prime via serial port communication J. Magnuson .zip 171k 4.22.03 11.18.03
2003.05 IscanEyeTracker.epk: An E-Prime package for eye tracking via serial port communication. This is free software as defined by the GPL. See accompanying license.

NB: The original version of this package contained a serious timing bug.
As of 18 November 2003, the version here corrects that bug and adds several other improvements.

NB: We no longer use ISCAN eye trackers. No support is available for this package, but it would be a good starting point for developing your own package for any eye tracker.

J. Magnuson .zip 434k 4.22.03 11.18.03
2003.06 E-Prime example script using sound, mouse control and constraint, eye tracking, and random stimulus placement J. Magnuson .zip 1.4M 4.22.03 11.18.03
2004.01 Using a mouse-directed focus window in E-Prime. H. Harris 317k 11.30.04 11.30.04
2004.02 Building composite images on the fly in E-Prime H. Harris 143k 11.30.04 11.30.04
2006.01 Sending signals from E-Prime to the BioSemi EEG system D. Mirman
2006.02 Hindering effects of feedback in the TRACE model of spoken word recognition T. Strauss 744k 12.04.06 12.04.06
2008.01 A bunch of snack tools for batch processing audio files
[Scripts are located here]
J. Magnuson 04.18.08
2008.02 Installing lens in OS X J. Magnuson html 06.10.08