Current Team

magnusonJim Magnuson, Principal Investigator


Spoken language processing, developmental and acquired language disorders, computational models

monica_li_reshapedMonica Li, PhD Student


Spoken word recognition; feedback mechanisms in speech perception; neural oscillations; fMRI; eye tracking; EEG


Sahil Luthra, PhD Student


Spoken word recognition; neural bases of language processing; perceptual learning

Photo of Liz SimmonsElizabeth Simmons, PhD Student

Language acquisition in typically developing children and those with clinical disorders (e.g., Developmental Language Disorder, Reading Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Later Talkers); eye tracking; spoken word recognition

Photo of Rachael SteinerRachael Steiner, PhD Student

Organization of lexical knowledge; Interactions between levels of lexical representation; Network science

Heejo You, Postdoc

Computational modeling of language

lizzie_collinLizzie Collin, undergraduate research assistant


Spoken word recognition; bilingualism

EEG_squareMeghan Collins, undergraduate research assistant


Spoken word recognition; learning

EEG_squareAnika Bennett, undergraduate research assistant


Spoken word recognition; learning

Lab Alumni

johnsAlexis Johns, Postdoctoral researcher

PhD 2016; Co-advised by Emily Myers

Wingfield Lab, Brandeis University

kornilov2015Sergey Kornilov, Postdoctoral researcher

Duncan Scholar in Molecular and Human Genetics, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine

CCNLL PhD student 2009-2014

ShawAshlee Shaw, Postdoctoral researcher

Rutgers U.
CCNLL PhD student 2008-2014

Shin-YiBWResizeShin-Yi Fang, Postdoctoral researcher

Penn State
CCNLL PhD student 2006-2011

navinNavin Viswanathan, Assistant Professor

University of Kansas
CCNLL PhD student (co-advised by Carol Fowler), 2005-2009

mirman_danDan Mirman, Associate Professor

University of Alabama at Birmingham
CCNLL Postdoc, 2005-2008

harrisHarlan Harris, Data Scientist

Educational Advisory Board
CCNLL Postdoc, 2002-2005

agata_croppedAgata Harabasz, undergraduate research assistant


Agata is a third year undergraduate double majoring in biological sciences and Psychology with a minor in Human Rights. Her interests include language acquisition, learning, neurobiology and development. She is implementing an fMRI study of prosody in Specific Language Impairment

eeg_cartoon_smallerLucy MacNaught, undergraduate research assistant


Computational modeling of semantics