magnusonJim Magnuson

Principal Investigator

Spoken language processing, developmental and acquired language disorders, computational models


Dr. Phoebe Gaston

Postdoctoral researcher

Spoken word recognition; prediction

Also working with Emily Myers

Monica Li

PhD Student

Monica is interested in the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying spoken word recognition, particularly regarding how top-down (e.g., attention, context) and bottom-up (e.g., speech signal, noise) information interact to determine speech perception.

Sahil Luthra

PhD Student

Co-major advisor: Emily Myers

Spoken word recognition, prediction, neurobiology of language, talker variability

David Saltzman

PhD Student

Spoken word recognition; talker variability; perceptual learning; aging

Major advisor: Emily Myers

Anne Marie Crinnion

PhD Student

Spoken word recognition; network science

Co-Major advisor: Emily Myers

Giovanni Peraza-Santiago

Undergraduate research assistant, 2018-20; Post-bac researcher, 2020-

Spoken word recognition; interaction in models of word recognition


Samantha Grubb

Undergraduate research assistant, 2018-

Spoken word recognition; working on validating the new jsTRACE software


Purna Dalal

Undergraduate research assistant, 2019-

Spoken word recognition



Dr. Christian Brodbeck

Research Professor

Christian collaborates with lab members on a variety of computational and cognitive neuroscience projects.

Dr. Thomas Hannagan

AI & Neural Networks Scientist, PSA, Paris

Thomas collaborates with lab members on a variety of computational and cognitive neuroscience projects.

ZhaoBin Li

Carleton College

ZhaoBin was a visiting scholar in 2020 and continues to collaborate on multiple projects. He developed the terrific LexFindR package during his 'visit' (it was remote, due to the pandemic).

Dr. Nick Monto

Nick is currently the lead developer on the EARSHOT project.


PhD alumni

Photo of Liz SimmonsDr. Elizabeth Simmons

Assistant Professor, Sacred Heart University

Ph.D., 2020

johnsDr. Alexis Johns

Research Scientist, Decibel Therapeutics

PhD 2016; Co-advised by Emily Myers


kornilov2015Dr. Sergey Kornilov

Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Systems Biology

PhD, 2014

ShawDr. Ashlee Shaw

Associate Director, Princeton University Freshman Scholars Institute

PhD 2014

Shin-YiBWResizeDr. Shin-Yi Fang

Research Associate, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China

PhD 2011

navinDr. Navin Viswanathan

Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University

PhD (co-advised by Carol Fowler) 2009

Postdoctoral alumni

Dr. Heejo You

Artificial intelligence researcher, Smilegate Holdings, Seoul

CCNL visiting scholar and postdoc, 2016-2020

mirman_danDr. Dan Mirman

Senior Lecturer

University of Edinburgh
CCNLL Postdoc, 2005-2008

Dr. Harlan Harris

Data Scientist, Teachers Pay Teachers

Postdoc, 2002-2005

Undergraduate alumni

If you worked in the lab as an undergrad, but are missing from this list, please send Jim a note!

If you are on this list, please send Jim a note to update him on your current position and let us know how you are doing!

Kei'ana Beeson

Undergraduate research assistant, 2018-20



Boyu Xie

Undergraduate research assistant, 2019-20



Chenghong Deng

Undergraduate research assistant, 2018-20



Jonathan Daniel

Undergraduate research assistant, 2018-20



lizzie_collinLizzie Collin

PhD Student, SLHS, UConn

Undergraduate research assistant, 2016-2019


Anika Bennett

Undergraduate research assistant, 2016-18


Meghan Collins

Undergraduate research assistant, 2014-18

agata_croppedDr. Agata Harabasz, M.D.

Undergraduate research assistant, 2014-17

M.D., UConn Health!


Lucy MacNaught

Undergraduate research assistant, 2014-17

Computational modeling of semantics